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Dr Talathoti Prithvi Raj

Dr T.Prithvi Raj

Dr.Talathoti Prtihvi Raj has a special name & fame, in modern literary trend in Telugu poetry. Haiku are new type of poetic expressions, which conveys, bundle of meaning & thoughts with limited, words. The economy of using words in making the poetry a great significant is the characteristic of Haiku, for which Dr.Talathoti Prithvi Raj is remembered for ever. Haiku indeed has become his sir name. He loved, followed & disseminated haiku in the hearts of Telugu people. Not being content of his literary pleasure & thrust, he founded Indian Haiku Club, a literary and cultural organization; and published number of books on Haiku. He started monthly magazine on Haiku. Inspiring many young poets to write Haiku and got them published.Birth, Origin & Education:

Talathoti Prithvi Raj-Indian Haiku Club-Kavitalathoti

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*కవితల్ని ప్రచురిస్తోంది

*వక్తగా తయారు చేస్తోంది

*సమీక్షకునిగా మారుస్తోంది

*సంఫుటులను ప్రచురిస్తోంది

*అంతర్జాతీయ గుర్తింపునిస్తోంది

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